“You Can’t Improve on God” DVD by Lorraine Day

In this DVD, Lorraine Day tells you her story. A physician herself, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Rejecting chemotherapy and radiation, she treated herself using natural therapies and got well! Now she explains exactly how she did it!

You Can’t Improve on God DVD $25.00
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You Can't Improve on God!

In her DVD “You Can’t Improve on God,” Dr. Day shares with you the exact plan she used to recover from breast cancer.

In this wonderful DVD, Dr. Day reveals:

  1. Why you don’t have to accept a death sentence from your doctor.
  2. How to overcome the GREATEST barrier to getting well.
  3. Why what you put in your mouth determines whether you’re sick or well.
  4. The shocking truth about protein in your diet.
  5. Why you may think you’re sick – but you’re really just thirsty!
  6. How anyone can carry out this natural inexpensive plan at home.

Also in this DVD, Dr. Day discusses the importance of Barleygreen and Fibre Cleanse™, products she still heartily recommends today.